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Young Buck
Live Loyal Die Rich

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Young Bucks real name is David Darnell Brown, he was born March 15th '81. Bucks stardom came about as a member or the rap Group G Unit just a few years ago. He is currently the owner of his own record label "Cashville Records."
Buck originally signed with Cash Money records, then sign with UTP and later signing with G-Unit.
In the city of Nashville Brown was known as a street thug, where as he was a well known drug dealer. He has been shot on one occassion while being robbed.
Young Buck has had a blessed yet rough lifestyle... from disputes with his record label, to being shot early in life to having to file bankruptcy in 2010. But talented he is and the his rap resume shows it... Young Bucks Mixtape history stretches farther than most could imagine... Official mixtapes 2005: Welcome To The Hood (Hosted By: DJ Whoo Kid) 2006: Chronic 2006 (Hosted By: Jamie Foxx & DJ Whoo Kid) 2006: Welcome To The Traphouse (Hosted By: DJ Drama) 2006: Case Dismissed - The Introduction of G-Unit South (Hosted By: DJ Drama) 2007: Mr. Ten-A-Key (Product Of The South) (Hosted By: DJ Whoo Kid) 2007: G-Unit Radio 24: The Clean Up Man (Hosted By: DJ Whoo Kid & Lebron James) 2008: Still Ten-A-Key (Hosted By: DJ 31 Degreez) 2008: Still Ten-A-Key 2 (Hosted By: DJ 31 Degreez) 2008: Starbucks (With: All Star) 2009: Cashville Takeover (With: Cashville Records) (Hosted By: DJ Rip)[37] 2009: Back On My Buck Shit (Hosted By: DJ Smallz & DJ Scream)[38] 2009: Only God Can Judge Me (Hosted By: Freeway Ricky Ross & Biggie Rankin) 2010: Back On My Buck Shit Vol. 2: Change Of Plans (Hosted/Produced By: Drumma Boy)[39] 2012: Live Loyal, Die Rich (Hosted By: DJ Crisis & Drumma Boy) 1-24-12[40] 2012: Bond Money (Hosted By: Evil Empire)[41] 2012: Back On My Buck Shit Vol. 3 (Hosted By: Drumma Boy) 2012: Starbucks 2 (With: All Star)
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Studio albums
2004: Straight Outta Cashville
2007: Buck The World
TBA: Ghetto Inspiration
Independent albums
2002: Born To Be A Thug
2005: T.I.P.
2007: They Don't Bother Me
2010: The Rehab
Collaboration albums
2000: Thuggin' Til the End (with D-Tay)
2002: The Compilation (with UTP)
2003: Beg for Mercy (with G-Unit)
2004: Da Underground Vol. 1 (with D-Tay)
2005: Get Rich or Die Tryin' (with G-Unit Records)
2012: Salute To The Streetz (with Savion Saddam)
2003: "Stunt 101" (with G-Unit)
2003: "Poppin' Them Thangs" (with G-Unit)
2003: "My Buddy" (with G-Unit)
2004: "Wanna Get to Know You" (with G-Unit featuring Joe)
2004: "Let Me In" (featuring 50 Cent)
2004: "Shorty Wanna Ride"
2004: "Look at Me Now" (featuring Mr. Porter)
2006: "I Know You Want Me" (featuring Jazze Pha)
2007: "Get Buck"
2007: "Hold On" (featuring 50 Cent)
2007: "U Ain't Goin' Nowhere" (featuring LaToiya Williams)
2008: "I Like the Way She Do It (with G-Unit)
2008: "Rider Pt. 2 (with G-Unit)
2010: "When The Rain Stops"
2010: "Ya Betta Know It"
2010: "Hood Documentary" (50 Cent Diss)
2011: "I'm Ready Now" (featuring Shannon Sanders)

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