Ace Hood Lyrics to Hustle Hard

Ace Hood LYRICS - Hustle Hard

"Ace Hood Lyrics"

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"Hustle Hard"

[Ace Hood:]
(Hustle, hustle, hustle, hustle)

Same old shi%, just a different day
Out here tryna get it, each and every way
Momma need a house
Baby need some shoes
Times are getting hard
Guess what I'm a do

Hustle, hustle, hustle, hard
Hustle, hustle, hustle, hard
Hustle, hustle, hustle, hard

Closed mouths don't get fed on this boulevard
Big bank in my pocket
Double up with my profit
See this shi% than I cop it
Gimme that there and than drop it
Homie, hold up with my mojo
Peep the whip and the logo
24's and they low pro
I bet she Fu$*ing, I know so
Nig%% ain't no doubt about it
Riding round with that rocket
Load it up and I cock it
Send bout a couple off in your nog
And hear them 808's and they knocking
Whole club and they rocking
Rose in them buckets
All my homies up in here vibing
Nig%% big shi% in my household
Real Nig%%s I die for
Creeping off in that Tahoe
All about de l'argent
Nig%% don't stop the party
We be getting gnarley
Old kimosabe homie's chiefing cause I'm Marley
This is the same old shi%


[Swizz Beatz:]
I think I'm from Kingston, Jamaica homes
Cause I got 10 jah and 10 om's
I don't leave the crib without my chrome
I keep blowing up, like my mobile phone
Them L red bottoms, I designed em homes
I spiked them whole damn shoe for you assholes
I used to stunt my black card for my new broads
Now I just whip the four-door, oh my gosh
The [?] Aston, I did that too
Wait til we come with Matt reds and Matt Blues
I'm an empire, you a little boy
Got a Lamborghini, that's my son's toy
Where the flip did I get that paper
Shades on I can't see you haters
Taking off when I see you later
I-I-I hustle paper


[Ace Hood:]
Okay now, all I know is hustle
Get it off the muscle
Block is my attire
Keep them sticks off in that cupboard Nig%%
I be going hard, biT$@ I'm going hard
I just hit the mall
You just swipe the card
I'm with a couple latin broads
I just do menage
Fu$* you other guys
Pus$$Y telling lies
Homie, free my Nig%% AG
Fu$* you Nig%%s pay me
Swagging in my saline
Two door coupe Mercedes
I am too much for you buster's
biT$@es I don't trust em
Fu$* em once, I Fu$* em
Lust em never love em
They won't play me for no sucker, play me for no paper
Make my biT$@es stomp her
Alpha zeta mega, better no-one really on it
Drive it, bet I own it
Money is involved, bet I know I'm on it
That's wording to my mother
Gotta get it one way or another
I put that on my brother
I'm out here on the come up


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