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Current Location Philadelphia, PA
General Manager
Press Contact Asher Roth Info:
Genre Alternative Hip-Hop
Members Asher Paul Roth
Hometown Morrisville, PA
Record Label SchoolBoy/SRC/Universal
Before "Asleep in the Bread Aisle" dropped on 4/20, there wasn't much to base an opinion on besides a catchy party song and the first white boy rendition of a Gangsta Grillz tape, "The Greenhouse Effect" hosted by DJ Don Cannon himself.
Hit Songs by Asher Roth:
-Spaghetti tree
-College / I Love College
Asher Roth Biography: I was living in Atlanta for a year under the support of Scooter Braun, Steve Rifkind and a couple of best friends. Ditching school prematurely and "seeing what... happens" in ATL was a fool proof plan. I had been rapping in my basement on Matlack St as a elementry education major at West Chester University. I felt fairly confident in the change of scenery. With the help of kiniesology major, Tom "Boyder" Boyd, and social skills major with a minor in "chill-daggie," Brian "Brain" Bangley, and Sweet Potato Kang DJ Wreckineyez.
Amongst a few parties and bike rides to Kroger, I penned a few tunes that led to a platinum-single in "I Love College," collaborations w Cee-lo Green, Busta Rhymes and a whole collection of fond memories.
Asher Roth Bio continued
One thing led to the next and I found myself on a country wide tour with fellow sensations Kid Cudi and B.o.B conveniently named "The Great Hangover." Boston, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles....London, Ireland, Amsterdam! I had had my first taste of "the life" and I did not want to go back.
It never felt right going at this alone. And it never will. I'm excited to bring you all along on this journey through The foundation will be the same feel good tunes that got me here and the rest will comprise of the stories, friends and family I make along the way. Be well. Peace. Love.
Message to my fans:
I'm nothing without you! Thank you all for your love and support!!

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