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Sometimes it pays to be different. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, a city known for its outcasts, B.o.B is truly out of the ordinary. At just 19 years old, the rapper - born Bobby Ray Simmons - has become a breath of fresh air in Atlanta’s snap and trap-obsessed scene. Known greatly for his heavy smokers anthem, “Cloud 9,” and the frenetic energetic vibe of his song “Haterz Everywhere,” B.o.B landed a record deal with Atlantic Records while still in high school. Now, a rap phenomenon, he is ready to bring his fun filled style nationwide with a highly anticipated debut album, The Adventures of B.o.B. B.o.B made a decision as a child pursue a career in the rap industry. Rapping as early as 13 after studying classic albums from Eminem and DMX. His older brother encoured him to start writing down anything and everything.
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As a junior high school, B.o.B formed a group called the Klinic with his cousin Swag. The two young rap artist were able to buy a simple studio set-up with the beat making program Fruity Loops. They crafter their own songs and performedat open mics around Atlanta. Their manager, B Rich, introduced them to a local rapper by the name of Playboy Tre, and he taught them how to use his professional studio...

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