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Sonny [Skrillex] is a multi talented, multi project one-man machine. He is versed in many different genres including Dub Step, Drum & Bass, Electro-House, etc. He has recorded an electronic EP under his "Skrillex" alias titled "My Name Is Skrillex", released on June 07, 2010. He has also been DJing a lot under the name "Skrillex'. On top of this he has really been making a name for himself as a producer / remixer. Some of his credits include: Officially Commissioned Remixes: Lady Gaga: "Alejandro" Lady Gaga: "Bad Romance" Black Eyed Peas "Rock That Body" All American Rejects: "The Wind Blows" Perry Farrell: "Twilight" Movie Soundtrack, Title Song Twin Atlantic: "What Is Light, Where Is Laughter" HORSE the band: "Shapeshift" HORSE the band: "Golden Mummy Golden Bird" Bring Me The Horizon: "The Sadness will Never End" Production / Programming / Electronics Did production / electronic programming on The Secret Handshake's (Triple Crown) upcoming LP to be released July 13, 2010 Original song for Native Son Designs 3D Fashion Film Presentation in NYC (for their Autumn / Winger 2011 Collection) Intro on Atreyu's "You Were The King, Now You’re Unconscious" (off of their "Congregation Of The Damned" album) Intro on Atreyu's "Stop!..." for live set Original theme song for Oli from Bring Me The Horizon’s "Drop Dead Clothing" -from Albums Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites Genre dubstep, post-hardcore, Metalcore, electronica, electro house Record label Atlantic Records, Sony BMG Born 1988, January 15th 1988 Website Origin the United States, California, Los Angeles Wikipedia Page Plays guitar, synthesizer, keyboard instrument Gender male Class musician, person, musical act Attributes Metalcore, male, dubstep, post-hardcore, electronica, electro house

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