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Slim Thugs Websites:
Genre Rap, Hip-Gop
Members Slim Thugga
Hometown Houston, TX
Record Label Boss Hogg Outlawz
Slim Thugs Biography:
Born Stayve Thomas As a teenager many folks just called him Slim but given the thuggish lifestyle he live the name soon grew to Slim Thug. An iced out grill, baggie clothes and a big mans size and attitube contributes to this, thugga says in so many words.
Slim Thug is one the most popular music voices of Houstons rap scene. Thugga dominated the underground scene on Michael “5000” Watts" Swishahouse. He dropped his Neptunes produced deput in 2005 called Already Platinum. He then dropped a few mixtapes in which circulated the hip hop unground scene tremendously and followed that up with his 2nd dubut album entitled Boss of All Bosses four years later. Later dropping a sure to be classic called "Thug Show," due out November 30.
Slim Thug Bio continued...
This album features single, “So High,” featuring B.o.B. “What I’m trying to do is give fans the best of Boss of All Bosses and of Already Platinum,” Slim says. Slim Thug lyrics have graced the rap game in a new fasion of gangsta.

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