Lil Wayne Lyrics - The Bandits

Lil Wayne Lyrics - The Bandits

"Lil Wayne Lyrics"

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Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne Lyrics

"The Bandits"
Act like they did something
Ain't never did shit for me

Make way for the rookie of the year
Bout duck-duck-goose off Pimp Juice and Belvedere
See I'm pouring out my liquor for my niggas that ain't here
And any day-to-day shedding tattoo tears
But I'm cool cause Weezy F's with me
Young Money clique Murder Inc family
Raised in the A and I'm born uptown
Cross Martin Luther King
Callio gon' lay it down
Yeah nigga act up whussup
Tell my nigga Tad he better rough them
Your girl open wide like them doors on my trucks
And my niggas bustin' niggas like they don't give a fuck

[Lil Wayne:]
They got the God in the buildin' J.R.
Park all of my car in the buildin' no superstar
Nigga I'm harder than the buildin'
The Carter the buildin'
Give quarters to pilgrims; Thanksgiving
I ain't giving no slack, bitch I'm black
And the President ain't never been that
Shit I'm ridin' with Lloyd
He lookin' for a freak-azoid
I'm like 'Hey, hook a nigga up with Ashanti'
I make her cook a chicken up and all my guns she hold 'em she blow my dice 'fore I roll 'em
Daddy need some new shoes, the Caddy need some new shoes
I'm thinkin' bout them 2-2's them 26's too cool I do those
I'm too cold shit I spit frostbite
Nigga I'm too raw I spit off-white
I get off white at 8AM I get off it by 8PM it's been a hard night
It's a hard knock life my lil nigga J still double-up twice
My lil nigga Marl still livin' on the block
With a nigga that he beefin' with but he still eatin' shit pleasantly
It's whatever B, we ain't on no scary shit
You goin' down I'm obliged on some Mary shit
I get bread like the Dairy bitch
I chop you up like the Deli bitch
I'm at the supermarket
I'm on isle 17 that's Hollygrove
Apple & Eagle street tell 'em holla, hoe
I put the sizzurp down then I swallow mo'
I take a hit of the dutch...

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