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Lil Wayne Lyrics - Told Y'all

"Lil Wayne Lyrics"

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Lil Wayne

"Told Y'alle"
Wake a Ni#ga up in his bed when he sleep,
Tie the Nigga up from his head to his feet,
Then light the Nigga up from his head to his feet,
Put his body in the water and his head on the beach,
Light another blunt just to save me the grief,

I don't give a Fu#k I was made for the beef,
I don't give a Fu#k I'm straight from the streets,
But I'm crooked as a Bi#ch, Bi#ch wave to the thief,
Lie to the bad guy, hi to the good though,
Ride with the bad guy, try and you get smoked,
Lie and you get smoked, lie for a Nigga though,

Try for a Ni#ga though, die for a Ni#ga though
Why would a Nigga go to new Orleans,
This is Katrina-land,
The president flew over, and he ain't even land

We ain't even mad, we ain't even playin'
It's duck tape season in my region and you ain't leavin' until
We eatin', and I want my piece, and I want my peeps,

To get they piece, and they want they peeps to get they piece,
And until then tell yo peeps no piece,
I'm a beast and I feast every beat I seek,
And I freak every mixtape I leak
I need to be at the t-o-p-o-f-h-I-p-h-o-p
And I'm I-n-d-a-c-u-t-w-I-t-h-m-o-z (my oozie)
So me, yes me, call me Weezy West b
Cause I'm wilder than the mothafuckin' wild west be
I'm so ready, are you ready for me,
Young young money, young mula baby!

Break in a Nigga car at the light,
Put the gun to his head make him park on the right and,
Then I tell him don't talk,
Make him get out and walk,
And then I tell my goons to get right in
When you fuckin' with a Nigga like me
No homo but you fuckin' with a rida
They ain't heard me when I tryda

Fuck anotha mothafucka, and them other mothafuckas
Cause can't no mothafucka Fuck with a Nigga
If you Fuck with lil tune,
I'm a let my goons just follow yo Ass like twitter Nigga,
We can do what you want I don't care,
Anyhow, anywhere, anytime I swear,
As son up on a Nigga, I will run up on a Nigga
With the gun up on a Nigga, now I'm one up on a Nigga

I will run the clock behind the guap,
And if my leg broke I will hop,
Bitch I will hustle til I drop,
Bitch I will throw you from the top, of the world
I got myself a boston girl,
She my gypsy I'm her genie,
Ride my magic carpet girl,
Flow so sick you cough and hurl,
I'm so twisted I walk and swirl,
I'm so lifted I walk on clouds,
Please please please don't shoot me down,
Fuckin' right I put it down,
Buy it white and cook it brown,
This is how great lookin' sound,
KY run yo hook around.

Hollygrove U-S-A, Parlez-vous Fran├žais ?
Hot as picante
I am a zombie, what more can I say,
Cause after all I.
I told ya'll I tote it,
Put the bullet in the gloch and blow that Bitch,
If you know like I know you'd put money way before that Bitch
Everyone got they hand out so I drop my Draw and let'em Hold that dick
I'm a roll that stick and I'm a roll it thick
And I know I'm cold and when it's cold as brick
And I ain't old I'm just 26
All in yo mouth like I'm a dentist Bitch

Fuck you and yo interest Bitch
We on some shoot the interest Shit
Better find the exit boy, my nina is so sexy boy
And she feelin' desperate boy, Don't make her molest ya boy
Pressure pressure boy, what will make you test the boy
I'm great with no effort boy, yo face will get severed boy
I'm breakin' yo level boy, I'm takin yo medal boy
Weezy F baby and the F is for forever BOY!

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