The Rapper Future Quotes - George Jefferson on a...

Future Quotes- George Jefferson on a motorcycle...

"Future(rapper) Quotes"

the rapper future
George Jefferson on a motorcycle
Im spiked up like a bad drink
93 that good supreme, with all that stress uh blow a gas tank.
I work hard and it came out I turnt up, turnt ya b@#tch out
And I went from dead broke to layin up in a pent house.
Aint no secret when ya leakin
I woke up this evenin, then i seen a demon
Im on that pure codein-and tryna clear my thoughts
Ni$$as wont feel my pain, all they see is fame and what it brings
I paid dues, graduated from finess school
Ill show improv, Ill never lose.
I too smart
I shoulda went to harvard
Drinkin out the bottle
Dolding my cigar

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