Lil Wayne Lyrics - Ni##a Wit Money

Lil Wayne Lyrics - Nigga Wit Money Lil Wayne Lyrics - Nigga Wit Money

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"Nigga Wit Money"
Work on the kitchen table
Where the bags at [x3]

Work [x2]

I'ma nigga wit money [x3]
And I don't love dat bi$$h
I tell er bi$ch, bi$ch, bi$ch, bi$ch make me rich
I'ma ni$ga wit money
And I don't love dat bitch

[Verse 1]
Yea, backpack full of stacks all the bi$$hes love me
Don't compare to these rappers I'm on a diff'rent budget
I ain't even gotta practice never gettin rusty
No I ain't lookin down but I see no one above me
The paper bag brown wit durty green money
The bank acount good full of clean money
Fu$k chain money
I blow ring money
I bet that mother fuc$a neva see the big money
Magazine money
Do a spread on me
And you can turn ya back but never turn the feds on me
Read the note attached we got ya lil homey
We need bread homey or das ya dead homey
Im like a corleone meet the fuc$ing mob
I can get you whacked or give ya ass a job
Weezy f. b
I holla cmb
Coca cola classic caffine free


[Verse 2]
Stop playing wit me stop playin wit me bi$$h
Stop playing wit me stop playing wit me bi$ch
I'ma cash money stunna on my 14 summa
Dick a bi$$h down n take erry thang from er
Now run to the kitchen I ain't hungry I ate
Bitch put 36 o's on my plate
See my paw wuz cookin slabs while my mom wuz cookin dinner
See my momma iz a chef n my daddy wuz a dealer
Grand daddy was a dealer and my auntie is a killer
I hope she kno I luv her, pray the pigs never get er
My brother still a baby n my uncle kinda raised me
Yaw pray for his wife cause dat cancer shit iz crazy
My daughters so smart that it scares me
Her mother is an angel she's always there for me
And me I'm just wild I think I need therapy
Because I'm goin after dat money no matter where it be

[Intro to "Myspace"]

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