Lil Wayne Lyrics - Pu$$y Money Weed

Lil Wayne Lyrics - Pussy Money Weed Lil Wayne Lyrics - Pu$$y Money Weed

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"Pussy Money Weed"
"Love her like..."
"Oh, oh yes I love her like..."
"Oh, oh yes I love her like..."
"Oh, oh yes I love her like..."
"Oh, oh yes I love her like..."

[Lil Wayne]
Oh yes I love her like Egyptian
Want a description? Her body's sickening
I can be her prescription, I can be her physician
Sexual healing, I can be her religion
And now she's kneeling, praying to the ceiling
I bless her as if she sneezed, must be the weather
I dress her, I am her sleeves, I am her feathers
She's fly, flyer than you, flyer than me
I love her, she loves me too, I love her three -
Times, more than her mom, time will tell that I'm the ni$$a
That she should, we should, be wherever she wanna
Be on a late night, mid day, AM
Just say when, and I know I be with cavemen
But never - mind them
She's poison and I am Michael Bivins
See I know that y'all don't hear me - but she does, we does
What grown folk do when they had too much to drink and I think
We done had to much too drink and...

[Hook - X4]
"Oh yes I love her like..."
Pu$$y, Money, Weed [X3]

[Lil Wayne]
Oh yes I love her like I ought to
I see you at the alter Mrs. Carter
I see you with my daughter, or son - more than one
Maybe five like the Jacksons, or John Paxson
Just don't let 'em fuck up the mansion, and daddy will be home
Later on, smelling like the cologne that I put on
This morn, and I hope that you smell like woman soap
And shampoo, and lotion, and perfume, and candles
And I'ma run through that pussy like a vandal, yes
I'm nasty as a Scorpio but I'm a lucky Libra
Got her wet like she's sweating out a fever, wow
Leave her, to me and she'll be smiling every single time
You see her - from e-ar to e-ar
I wanna be beside her when she sleep and she lay
Or we can stay awake and watch the next day
Clothes are overrated, panties are debated
Einstein - her head is the greatest

[Hook - X4]

Oh yes I love her like her dad told her no man would ever love her
Oh and I better be the only man sticking it
Licking it like an envelope, mailing it, sealing it
Read it, I have written down Victoria's secret
Don't tell nobody, don't share your body with nobody
Not even a finger, I will cut it off and let him keep it
Now that's for Weezy, baby and at my station
We have se% orientation
When I hit it, she squint like them orient Asians
I do me, I sa% hey miss Chung Lee I like to see your booty
Roll like sushi, I'm trynna dip my celery up in her blue cheese
Ah's, ooh wee's, wa la's, tah da's
Mhm's, uh huh's, oh yeah's, never oh no's
Until I have to go, and then its - never oh no
I tell her don't cry, I be back like the electric bill
And when she butt naked she dress to kill

[Hook - X4]

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