Lil Wayne Lyrics - Pu$$y Monster

Lil Wayne Lyrics - Pu##y Monster Lil Wayne Lyrics - Pu$$y Monster

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"Pu##y Monster"
Girl you're cold,
Girl you're cool
you heard of salt and pepper,
But girl you food
Girl you're hot like a bowl of stew
And I just stood over my stew and just blew
And when there was no more you in the soup,
I remove my spoon and drink you juice
you wanna do me do what wanna do
If my job is to blow you can bet she's blew
Mic check 1-2
How's about 1-2
P-L-A-Y because I don't have a clue
but when I found out I'm gonna show and tell you
When I lift my top lip I can still smell you
When I swallow my spit I can still taste you
Put that pu##y in my face you
It goes P-U-S-S-Y because,
It's the reason I am alive
Mama I need just to survive
It's like I gotta eat it just to stay alive

Hi I'm the pu$$y monster
The pu##y monster
The pu##y monster
And you better feed me pu##y pu##y p##sy pu##y p##$y

Now let me get back to her
She call me Dracula
And I vacuumed her
Cat fish
that cat tuna
I spank it up
Flip it like a spacula
Lil Chris said "Run it" and I tackled you
Baby can I be the worm in you apple butt
Na gonna back it up
And if you back it up
I suck the front of that pu$$y from the back of you
My taste buds set on a black assivus
I told action
And the camera is looking
And I hope she make me eat my words......
'cause my words is pu$$y, pu$$y pu$$y pu$$y
pu$$y pu$$y pu$$y


I got pu$$y coming to pu$$y
Show me that pu$$y I'm gonna show where to put it
You know I make it rain I'm the hurricane's son
And I can make it rain with my hurricane tongue
Like la la la la la la la lala, la la la la la la lala, la la la la la la lala
Imagine if I did that with you pearl on my tongue

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