Lil Wayne Lyrics - She Bad

Lil Wayne Lyrics - She Bad

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"She Bad"
(feat. Kidd Kidd & Mack Maine)
[Lil Wayne]
Met shawty up in Urban Outfitters
She killin' these ho3s now I'm murking out with her
Shit, I'm just tryna work it out with her
Got a gym at the crib now I'm working out with her
She heard about me, she heard of my nig$as
She heard about you and she heard we out did ya
Yeah, you know what I'm talking bout n3gga
If pussy is a house I'm a house nigga
She bad

[Kidd Kidd]
Yeah K-I double D
Got the baddest bitch like Trina with me
Yeah, my shawty bad, got them other ho$s mad
She tell em get glad handle zip lock bags
Bad girl I'mma leather whip your ass
Have a seat in my detention class
Slam like Michael, jam like Michael
Man, shawty bad like Michael

[Mack Maine]
Met at the mall, walked in the store
Told her, hi, buy it all
Your boyfriend creep but baby I crawl
You got some pretty feet (well maybe I'll call)
Hello, how you doing, she said she doing fine
Where ya baby daddy, she said he doing time
I said "that's cool", she said "that's not"
She said "I'm cold", I said "that's hot"

Cause she bad (yeah)
Cause she bad (yeah)
Cause she bad (yeah)
Cause she bad (yeah)
Cause she bad (yeah)
Cause she bad (yeah)
Cause she bad (yeah)
Cause she bad (yeah)

Cause she bad (yeah)

[Lil Wayne]
Cause she bad to to marrow
Gone til tomorrow
I get to the point keep ya eye on the arrow
Ya boyfriend is zero, I Rob his Deniro
I ride rims wide and my tyres very narrow
My, I'm so fly like an eagle
Ask yo bitch, she reply like an echo
Yeaaah, and I'mma have to rehab
If I keep fuc#ing with baby girl
Cause she bad
Cause she bad [repeated]

[Kidd Kidd]
I told ya she the baddest
Look at her ass standing out it's outstanding
And she nasty to say she married him
Mother ain't Marge but she sucking like Maggie
And I'm hood, I want you on top of the hood
You one bad ass lumberjack handling that wood
You too bad, tell me whats good
Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good

[Lil Wayne]
Because she's too bad
She too bad
And she probably got a nigga in love with her
That's too bad, I don't care
Cause she bad, cause she bad
Cause she bad, cause she bad
cause she bad, cause she bad

[Mack Maine]
For President electioning, represent
Shawty can't be heaven sent
Cause she bad, but we had a good time at ?
Now she sad cause I'm gone getting back to the cash
But its back, she's bad, cause she bad like we bad
Now she glad cause we back and you mad cause she glad
Like yeeeah
I'ma have to rehab
If I keep fuc3ing with baby girl
Like yeah and I'ma have to rehab
If I keep fuc3ing with baby girl
Like yeah and I'ma have to rehab
If I keep fuc3ing with baby girl


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  1. Anonymous1:53 PM

    lil wayne is soooo fine <3

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