5 Factors

5 Factors

5 Most Important factors

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Location - This is key simply because it determines the distance in which you would have to travel in order to travel back home.
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Academics Accreditation - Factoring in whether the school is recognized by regional or national accrediting bodies can determine where and if you can transfer and/or continue later on
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Environment - Determining the environment means deciding whom and what you want to be surrounded by every day for your decided period of time. Factor in the "setting," is rural or urbanized? Factor in "co-ed," do you want to be around a mixture or one your own.
5 factors
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Size - The size of the campus will often determine the diversity in which you will be exposed to.
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Activities - Factoring this is very important if you desire being in sororities/fraternities, clubs, athletics and intramural.
If there are any factors that you would like to add please add in the comments and we will add to this post.
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