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Biography: Wiz hails from the state of North Dakota. His first album Show and Prove was released in 2006, Show and Prove, Leading to a record deal with Warner Bros Record in "07". Wiz Khalifa songs...

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Marsha Ambrosius or Marsha is an English singer/songwriter. A former member of English Soul/R and B duo Floetry, she released her first solo album La...

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Biography: Harold Michael Simmons II (born September 17, 1988), better known by his stage name Future the Artist (also known as Future the Unknown, formerly known as Future), is an American rapper, singer-songwriter, and record producer, best known for his singles...

Future Quotes- Purple Reign Mixtape -Diamonds shinin to infinity-

Future Quotes- Purple Reign Mixtape - ALL Right - Diamonds shinin to infinity...

"Future (rapper) Quotes Purple Reign(Mixtape) - ALL Right(song) - Diamonds shinin to infinity..."

Diamonds shinin' to infinity
I got 10 rings like it's 10 of me
I got money, fame, I got enemies
I got a list of shit to do
I can feel the pain of my enemy

Future The Rapper Mixtape Purple Reign

Future the Rapper | Future Mixtape and download | Purple Reign (mixtape)

Future (Rapper) Mixtape - Purple Reign

future the rapper

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